The Sacred Space

The revenue pie has shrunk, and recording artists’ names are showing up with greater frequency in the sacred space traditionally reserved for songwriters: (Words & Music By..) Some of these folks weren't even in the room when the song was being written. Some were brought in to "finish" the song at the last minute. Many aren't very good, and frankly, I'm embarrassed for them.

Now there are some country artists who can really write, and we know who you are! Keep up the good work! To those who can't, but do (or don't, really) I say, "Let me just write you a check. If you're going to hold a portion of my songwriter royalties for ransom because you need to keep your record deal, let's get something in writing (the attorneys could surely use the work, too). Give me an address, I'll do the math each quarter and drop you a check in the mail. Just keep your name out of my parenthesis. It's my house, and the sign on the door say's 'Writers Only.' It took me a long time to get here, and humble as it is, I've earned the distinction. Me and my song-writing buddies were just minding our own 'business' hanging out in our parenthesis and you started showing up.

Most of you are nice people, but it's our tree-house and you're not invited. It's just business right? Ok. Fine. There's the door. The checks in the mail.